Car Wash and Truck Wash Facilities

Modern car washes generate considerable amounts of solids (sand and grit) and water in their catchment areas and also oil in their interceptors. By pumping the contents and disposing it in an environmental waste disposal station, proper treatment of undesired wastes is guaranteed.

Services offered to car and truck wash facilities include:

The costs associated with the proper environmental disposal of these contaminants can get very expensive. Timely servicing is key to keeping costs down. If oil is allowed to contaminate otherwise clean material, the costs of disposal rises dramatically. Using our experience we can help the customer save money while using proper environmental methods to dispose of the materials found in car washes. With our high pressure water equipped vacuum trucks we can clean all types of sumps etc.quickly and effectively. Whether its cleaning troughs, catch basins or interceptors or even unblocking pipes, with our line jetting equipment Advantage has the tools and experience to get the job done.