Construction and Demolition

We offer environmental and vacuum truck services to demolition and construction companies in two main areas:

The first area Advantage can help is in the removal of underground storage tanks and contaminated soils associated with these tanks. Often contractors will find UST’s buried on their project sites putting a halt to progress. Advantage is the first call for many contractors to assist in the decommissioning of these tanks in the following ways:

If contaminated material exists: the handling of the multitude of tasks related to the environmental clean up, both physical and managerial.
Licenced trucking of wastes both liquid and solid, in vacuum and roll off trucks.
The second area where we can help is with our growing fleet of 8 vacuum trucks. We utilize these trucks to “vac” all types of materials generated from many areas including:

Our trucks are also equipped with hi-pressure water to breakup solids which may be settled in pipes and catchment areas.

We understand the importance of timely job completion. And with our years of experience and understanding of local regulations, we can move quickly to get the job completed in its entirety. We carry environmental insurance, WSBC coverage, and are licensed to carry dangerous goods.