Coquitlam is located east of Vancouver. Advantage Waste plays an important role in good health and hygiene by helping homeowners with sewage backups in homes.

You can help keep the sewer system running properly by not pouring liquid fats, oil and grease down kitchen sinks. Unwanted rainwater inflowing or infiltrating into the sanitary sewer system is another problem that can cause sewage to back up into your home.

Advantage Waste Specialties Inc. services all areas within Coquitlam including everything east of North Road and Port Moody and west of Port Coquitlam to the southeast by offering the following services:

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According to City of Coquitlam, businesses, such as restaurants, are required to install and properly maintain grease traps in their premises. Grease traps should be adequately sized, regularly maintained and the captured grease should be properly disposed in accordance to the regional Sewer Use Bylaw. For advice regarding the installing and maintaining grease traps, visit City of Coquitlam website.

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