Environmental Contractors

Performing fast cleaning and excavation services with safety and environmental impact in mind.

Advantage has a well established history with several of Vancouver’s leading environmental contractors. We continue to provide them with reliable, safe and environmentally conscious work practices. We help maintain storm water treatment systems and mobile wheel washes with use of our vacuum trucks. We also remove contents of underground storage tanks, pressure clean vessels and tanks of a variety of types and uses, and hydro excavate through potentially hazardous areas, so on site drillers can safely work without the risk of contacting underground utilities.

Services we offer you include:

Fast emergency spill response is a priority goal of our company. We strive to respond as quickly and as safely as possible to minimize environmental damage. We understand the initial response time is the primary factor in reducing environmental impact. We offer 24hr emergency service to minimize that impact and help keep our province as clean as possible.

Advantage has a rich history in the environmental field and with our experience we can offer solutions for the transport of waste in a timely efficient manner , keeping safety of people and the environment a priority.