Food manufacturers / Food processing plants

Advantage Waste provides an easy and efficient solution for food manufacturers, food processing plants and gastronomic businesses in their handling with grease in sewage as well as with the disposal of their organic waste.

The food processing industry faces the problem of generating large amounts of waste, from production residues to food waste and especially oil and grease. But how to deal with this issue? With our waste management service we take care of your refuse disposal! Furthermore we provide a grease trap maintenance service for kitchens and production plants. In this way we guarantee a smooth working system and avoid grease back-ups and thus related problems and costs.

Our vast experience has made us experts to handle stringent demands of the food processing industry. Therefore our service guarantees:

  • An effortless and problem-free solution
  • Highest hygiene standards
  • Simple handling and management
  • Efficient and automatic integration of our service into your daily workflow/process

Our sustainable concept includes the provision of a proper consolidated container, meeting your production’s requirements, for storage of organic waste according to the given standards, as well as the collection and transportation of your food waste to our recycling facilities.

In this facility, we process the collected solid waste to fertilizers and compost, whereas liquid waste like used cooking oil is converted to bio-diesel.

With our waste management service we pledge an economic and simultaneously sustainable and environmentally compatible solution for your waste problem.