Home Owners

Your home is a special investment, a product of hardwork and commitment. We can help protect the integrity of that investment and help ensure a lifetime of worry free living, through our experience of helping thousands of homeowners like you.

Services offered to homeowners include:

Occasionally, blockages are found in pipes associated with perimeter drains and also septic systems. Symptoms of these blockages in septic systems are slow draining showers and toilets, or flooding in basements and low lying areas around the home. Advantage can clear these blockages by using our line jetting equipment and reducing the chance of your home flooding and the costly repairs associated with those damages.

Often septic tanks are forgotten about and left unserviced leaving a major risk of back ups into the house and solids entering the discharge field, which will plug the field and can result in tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs. Protecting that investment with timely and effective servicing of the septic tank will prevent the premature destruction of the drainage field. It is extremely important for companies to remove all the contents of the tank when servicing it. Advantage has pressure washers on all of our trucks to clean the your tank effectively.

Advantage is also highly regarded as one of the best underground and above ground home heating oil tank removal companies in the Lower Mainland. Our hardworking, trustworthy reputation has kept us in this business since 1990. We also hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are fully insured for environmental and personal / property liability and are WSBC covered. We employ a multitude of time proven methods to minimize impact to grounds and buildings while removing your UST . Our goal is to make the process of removing ust’s as painless as possible for the homeowner. We have an faq section to help with any questions and we welcome any unanswered questions by email or phone.