24-hour on-call dispatching and services to help you get the job done right, and on time!

Because of the strong relationships built with plumbers, we take special interest in our partnership with them and offer a variety of services with our vacuum trucks to meet their specific requirements.

Solutions for plumbers include:

All of our trucks are equipped with pressure washers which allow us to line jet, pressure clean pump stations before plumbers commence work and break up grease and other contaminants that block drains and pumps.

Hydro-excavating of buried utilities is the safest and fastest way to get to that broken pipe or uncover root impacted drains. When time counts and other utility locations are unknown Advantage can “daylight” these problems in minutes without the risk of damaging other services.

We understand that our success depends on our customers success. If your client is “backed up” and we can’t get there on time and you lose them, we lose you. Arriving on site when dispatched is extremely important. We offer 24hr emergency services to ensure that you, the plumber, has the key tool required to pump out a flooded building in the middle of the night.