Property Management

Proper maintenance is the key to avoiding future backups. Because of numerous data collected from previous dispatches, our systems can suggest the best preventative course of action.

Advantage supplies a number of services to property managers. We employ specific programing to notify us of upcoming service requirements for our customers. After being called to a job site to provide a service occasionally after a costly emergency back up, our technicians can (based upon previous service interval and amount of catchment in grease trap, sump or catch basin) suggest a time in which the service should be repeated to help ensure that back ups do not occur.

Maintenance is the key to saving money. A truck can be scheduled to service your building on the same day as others in your area. This prevents costly travel time saving you money and protecting the environment from a needless carbon footprint. Almost all floods and back ups are preventable by means of regular service. Also an Advantage employee can come to your site to do an assessment of the job to ensure that a service call will be necessary.

A few of our services include:

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Flood Prevention Tips

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