Vacuum truck services, grease trap cleaning, catch basin services, and drain related services are just some of the amenities provided.

Advantage helps restaurant owners and managers keep their businesses functioning when it matters most, primarily by the proper maintenance of kitchen grease traps and drains. Back ups during peak times can not only slow you down but can also be very expensive in both lost revenue and costly plumbing invoices. We understand that proper servicing of grease traps is essential for the smooth operation of a commercial kitchen. Our experience in servicing grease traps has led us to understand that a grease trap improperly serviced is not really serviced at all. Many of our emergency call outs to restaurants have been due to a backed up grease trap that was serviced recently, but was not properly cleaned.

We believe that all servicing should include:

  1. A complete emptying of the grease trap.
  2. An inspection of any missing or broken components (including any leakage from trap body or plumbing).
  3. The removal of the rear ” Plate or Bung” to access the discharge area and note condition of pipe to see if jetting is necessary.
    If jetting is necessary, approval from customer obtained and line jetting carried out.
  4. After cleaning is complete, check that the flow from sinks to trap is normal.
  5. Check that the seal and lid are clean and serviceable (to minimize odour) and reinstall.
  6. Recommend a service interval to help ensure trouble free service.

The cleaning and maintaining of grease traps is only one of many ways we can help you with your restaurant. Advantage Waste also offers the following services for you: